Web-based Student Activities

Alphabet Geometry

Introduction to Angles

Students should be able to:

  • identify and classify right, acute, and obtuse angles.
  • recognize the angles formed and the relationship between the angles when two lines intersect.

You can learn a lot about angles by looking at letters.

obtuse K

Obtuse Angles

acute V

Acute Angles

right L

Right Angles

vertical X

Vertical Angles

Angles Mini-Movies on Your SMARTBoard

A SmartBoard mini-movie is a simple (most involve only a click of the mouse), interactive animation that teachers can download and use on their interactive whiteboards. From there, the movies can be inserted into their SMART Notebook presentations. Each mini-movie is a dynamic Flash file, similar to the same files that are already included in SMART Notebook's resources.

Click on the PLAY button below to see a SMARTBoard mini-movie in action

rays and vertex

Get Adobe Flash player

Click on the PLAY button above to rotate the letter V to its side. A right angle will appear to show that the letter V is an acute angle.

Use this mini-movie on your SMARTBoard

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