Web-based Student Activities

Alphabet Geometry

This interactive site is built for the visual learner! It introduces geometry concepts to your by relating them to something they're all familiar with, letters! Check out the standards covered by the student activities and SMARTBoard mini-movies of Alphabet Geometry:


  • identify and classify right, acute, and obtuse angles.

Parallel Lines

  • identify and describe parallel lines and line segments in the environment.

Transformations & Tessellations:

  • predict and describe positions and orientations of two-dimensional shapes after transformations such as reflections, rotations, and translations.
  • predict and describe the results of translations, reflections, and rotations of objects in the coordinate plane

Linear and Rotational Symmetry:

  • identify and describe line and rotational symmetry in two-dimensional shapes and designs.

Similar Figures:

  • use proportional reasoning to describe and express relationships between parts and attributes of similar figures.

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