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Alphabet Geometry

Rotational Symmetry Symmetry

Students should be able to:

  • identify and describe rotational symmetry in two-dimensional shapes and designs.

Introduction to Rotational Symmetry: The Letter H

The letter H has linear symmetry, but it has another kind of symmetry as well. Notice the yellow star on the H below. It is in the top left corner of the H. Push the button below the H and see where the star ends up.

rays and vertex

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What did you notice?

The yellow star ended up on the bottom right of the H after it rotated. Even though it was in a different place, the H still looked the same. When a figure looks the same after it is rotated we say that it has rotational symmetry. The key though is that the letter cannot rotate a full turn. It must be less than a full turn.

Does the letter W have rotational symmetry?

rotational symmetry

The letter W does not have rotational symmetry because it does not look the same after it has rotated.

Check Your Understanding

Does the letter N have rotational symmetry? Make an educated guess and then push the button to find out.

rotational symmetry

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