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Food Chains and Webs Whiteboard Teacher Pack

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Create Food Webs on Your Interactive Whiteboard

food chain preview

These awesome Flash mini-movies allow students to learn the organization of simple food chains and food webs. They also familiarize them with terms like producer, consumer, herbivore, carnivore, etc. Instantly add them to your life science lessons to get kids out of their seats and to the interactive whiteboard!

Download Food Chain and Web Mini-Movies for Free

  • The mini-movie previews appear much larger than the actual files.
  • To preview, simply click the link.
  • To download, right-click (or command-click on a Mac) and select

Drag and Drop Food Webs Clickable Food Webs

Using the Interactive Whiteboard Food Webs

  • For drag and drop, just drag the organisms to the correct positions.
  • For clickable food webs, click on one organsim and then another. If an arrow appears between the two, then the organims are related.

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