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Teach about the Properties of Light

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Properties of Light Whiteboard Teacher Pack

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Using the properties of light mini-movies your students can make observations about properties of light. They'll learn about reflection, refraction (bending of light), and transmission of light. These mini-movies are highly interactive, and are meant to supplement or even take the place of hands-on science activities.

Better than Online Virtual Manipulatives

  • Purchase the Properties of Light Whiteboard Teacher Pack and the Flash mini-movies come to you as a gallery collection file.
  • Open the file and the mini-movies are automatically added to the My Content folder in SMART Notebook.
  • Make your lessons interactive by adding as many mini-movies to your SMARTBoard activities as you want and write on them, resize them, and/or put multiple mini-movies on the same slide.
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radial symmetry

Now you can take your instruction with misterteacher's SMARTBoard mini-movies even further. Support your use of the standards-based animations with lesson ideas and assessments. Here's what part of the pack:

  • all the Properties of Light mini-movies in one convenient download.
  • a comprehensive teachers' guide to using the mini-movies with six full pages of activities.
  • eight pages of printable worksheets to reinforce and assess the content included in the mini-movies and activities.
  • Note: Whiteboard Teacher Packs are digital goods.

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