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smartboard teacher packs

Math Mini-movies

Properties of Light

Teach your students about the properties of light. Appropriate for intermediate grades

  • Reflection & Refraction
  • Transmission
  • Classroom License: $9.99
  • Site License: $14.99

Thermal Energy

Introduce your students to temperature and heat. Appropriate for the intermediate grades.

  • Thermal Energy
  • Defining Temperature
  • Measuring Temperature

Clouds & Weather Flash Cards

Brilliantly animated flash cards will help your students learn to escribe the weather accompanying four cloud types.

  • Cumulus & Cumulonimbus
  • Stratus & Cirrus
  • Purchase from the SMART Exchange

Energy in Food Webs

Drag and Drop Flash animations allow you to show how energy flows in food webs. Primary and intermediate grades

  • Producers & Consumers
  • Herbivores & Carnivores
  • Predator & Prey
  • Purchase from the SMART Exchange


Introduce contact/noncontact forces to your students. Primary and intermediate grades

  • Gravity
  • Air Resistance
  • Magnetism


Teach your students about electric circuits. Appropriate for intermediate grades

  • Circuits
  • Conductors & Insulators
  • Switches