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The Math Whiteboard Teacher Pack Bundle

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Whiteboard Teacher Pack Bundle

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Product Description

The Math Whiteboard Teacher Pack bundle comes complete with over 200 Flash mini-movies covering math standards from the kindergarten level through high school. These resources provide the interactivity you're looking for while giving you the flexibility to use them how you like. The mini-movies are not part of any prepared lessons or Notebook files, however the bundle comes with dozens of interactive activities and over 60 printable assessments to help you teach the following concepts:

  • Interactive Geometry
  • Transformations
  • Decimals
  • Percents
  • Integers
  • Fractions
  • Dominoes
  • Circles & Stars
  • Representing Data (graphs)
  • Patterns

Preview the Math Mini-Movies

  • To preview, simply click the links. Note: The mini-movie previews are much larger than the actual files.

  • Thirds Fraction Bar
  • Green Decimal Model
  • Interactive Circle (Lite)
  • Circles & Stars
  • Integer Diver
  • Color Bar Graph
  • Rotation of the Letter H
  • Dominoes

  • Better than Online Virtual Manipulatives

    • Purchase the Math Whiteboard Teacher Pack Bundle and the Flash mini-movies come to you as a gallery collection file.
    • Open the file and the mini-movies are automatically added to the My Content folder in SMART Notebook. There's no additional software to install.
    • Make your lessons interactive by adding as many mini-movies to your SMARTBoard activities as you want and write on them, resize them, and/or put multiple mini-movies on the same slide.

    The Math Whiteboard Teacher Pack Bundle has achieved

    SMARTBoard Compatible Content accreditation

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    radial symmetry

    Now you can take your instruction with misterteacher's interactive whiteboard mini-movies even further. Support your use of the standards-based animations with lesson ideas and assessments. Here's what part of the pack:

    • all the Math mini-movies in one convenient download.
    • a comprehensive teachers' guide to using the mini-movies full of engaging activities.
    • printable worksheets to reinforce and assess the content included in the mini-movies and activities.
    • Note: Whiteboard Teacher Packs are digital goods.

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    Get 50% off your total order.

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